Screencast Production

Frontpage attention-grabbing screencasts

For the frontpage you probably want a short, punchy screencast which grabs the viewer’s attention. We suggest 1-3 minutes, with a voice-over, stepping through your main features and discussing your unique sales proposition.

The aim of the screencast would be to pique the viewer’s interest and to make them interested in learning more about your product. Ultimately we’d aim to make the user so interested that they try a demo, resulting in a higher conversion rate for you.

Longer feature-tour and training screencasts

Once a user is investigating your site, your benefit and feature-lists will make more of an impact if the user can see a 3-5 minute walk-through which demonstrates these points. Each walk-through should aim to show common use cases in action, so the user immediately understands why your product solves their problem. The aim of each screencast is to increase the chance of your user deciding to try your product.



Do you have an existing mute screencast? Adding a warm, confident voice adds a strong extra dimension – people respond to the sound of the spoken voice, especially when we are unsure and want to be shown a solution. We can create voice-overs for your existing videos, please get in contact and tell us your needs.


Adding the screencast to your site

When you have a screencast, you’ll need to get it on your site. There are two main options, we can advise on each and help you get it online if required:

  • Embed the video within an existing or new page on your website – this technique usually requires a third-party player to support all browsers and devices.
  • Use a ‘lightbox’ JavaScript player which expands the video over your page only when activated, this is the technique we use to display the examples on our homepage.

If you need any assistance getting your screencast on to your site get in touch, we’ll be happy to help.