Frequently Asked Questions

How much professional-time does it take to make a screencast?

This really depends on the length and complexity of the video. A 3-5 minute screencast typically takes 3-4 working days. Breaking this down, we first work to understand your requirements, draft a script, prepare a draft, iterate on the draft and then produce a final Internet-ready version.

Do more users try software after seeing a screencast?

Evidence from sites like ShowMeDo tells us that users are far more comfortable trying new software if they’ve seen it in action.

Can ProCasts help clients with publicity?

We upload our screencasts to our accounts at YouTube as long as the videos are relevant to the viewers of the site and fit with the sites terms and conditions.

Why do users feel more comfortable after watching a screencast?

Screencasts show the user how they can use it to achieve their own goals – this is a very powerful motivator. The calm, confident voice of a professional voiceover artiste will make the user feel in control and they will be ready and happy to test your software.

Can I make my own screencasts?

Yes, there are a selection of tools including CamTasia, SnapzPro and RecordMyDesktop that enable you to create your own screencasts. It’s not all about the software though; there is no substitute for experience… and that’s where ProCasts really come into their own.