“How much does a screencast cost?” Also translated as “How long is a piece of string?” Every project is unique and will inevitably take less or more time than any other project, our screencasts can be tailored to suit your needs and costs can be saved if you’re willing to do some of the leg work yourself. The prices below can be used as a guide but if you would like a more accurate, free, no obligation quote please get in touch using our contact form.

Full production

Guide cost: £1,500 +

If you can already demonstrate your application in 3 minutes to a new audience then you can write a script which we can produce into a screencast.

We can help you with the script, in particular we can re-word critical sections to include key benefit statements and memorable descriptions. We will:

  • advise on your script
  • create animated sections along with an animated introductory logo
  • produce prototype videos
  • create a finished screencast video for your website.

Light production

Guide cost: £800 +

For smaller companies and start-ups who have limited funds we can create a demo video using screencasting techniques that show your software in action. To keep the cost down we ask you to provide:

  • a written script (we can provide examples)
  • a rough screencast (it is easy, don’t worry!) so we know how your software works
  • some time to explain your application.